Since 2002, Kristen has been employed as a graphic artist for local newspapers and publications. Although her work favors an illustrative hand, designing ads, and story layouts were her bread and butter for years. Understanding graphic styles, print requirements, and marketability have been the name of the game. 

In 2018 she went full-time with her freelance business before investing in her master's degree. Her clients ranged from start-up businesses to city chambers and federal agencies. 


All works are illustrated and laid out by Kristen Kaiser unless noted otherwise.


Cover Art & Layout

The illustrations and designs that Kristen shares stem from her knowledge of the arts and her happiness of being a true artist.” 

 Tony Barriatua

Production Manager
Idaho Mountain Express

Diagrams & Graphics

Creative ideas, positive attitude, communication skills, as well as Kristen’s willingness to do research and provide draft concepts to our interagency team made for a highly successful collaboration.” 

 Lucy Littlejohn

Fisheries Biologist

U.S. Bureau of Land Management





Miss Kaiser is an artistic juggernaut – she is a polished illustrator, a talented painter, a gifted paginator, and a deadline conscious workhorse... One the most talented and intuitive designers I’ve been around.” 

 Nick Callanan

President & Owner
No Umbrella Media